Cypher Cabal
1442673230 xcom2 faceless hero
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Faceless
Physical Age Unknown
Alignment Neutral Good
Faction Phoenix Imperium
Tools Butcher's Hook (Human Form only)
Abilities Shapeshifting, Psionics
Status Alive

Cypher Cabal was an Ordo Oculos Phoenix Shield Inquisitor with an extremely successful record owing to 'his' own natural abilities as a Faceless and his Psionic Powers, which are something not common among the Faceless.

Cypher was in charge of an operation to the planet of Elrios, where he and his team made contact with a group called the 'El-Gang'. During the mission, Cypher became good friends with El-Gang member Elesis Sieghart, who was slowly being corrupted by Dark El Energies, which eventually resulted in the El-Gang and Cypher's squad being forced to battle Elesis, once her corruption was nearly complete. However, using his Psionics, in conjunction with his shapeshifting, Cypher was able to separate the corruption from Elesis, inadvertently replacing the corrupted El Energies with Psionic Energies, which over time warped Elesis.

In the end, Cypher paired up with Elesis, who joined up with Cypher's team, once the Phoenix Imperium brought peace to Elrios. Their pairing eventually resulted in a Faceless Hybrid, named Mirai Arnia.


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