Cryos, the Frozen Plasma World
Vital statistics
Star, Position  ?
Moon(s)  ?
Satellite(s)  ?
Gravity Normal
Atmosphere N2, O2, CO2
Population  ?
Species Blitz, Zrin, Lumin, Krel, Char, various Plasma Genesis Creatures
Technology Tier Tier 3

Cryos is a planet that served as the source of Plasma genesis. It suffered from an ice age for centuries, extinguishing many species. The Crogenitors tried to ignite the planet's core by generating a white hole there, but the seemingly unlimited heat source only caused more problems on the planet surface. Known inhabitants are the Genetic Heroes Zrin and Blitz, and the Darkspore Destructor Merak. The Crogenitors have hidden some of their ancient technology somewhere on Cryos, which could pave the way towards the Darkspore's downfall, and the galaxy's freedom. Inhabitants from Cryos are called "Cryosi". The name of Zrin and Lumin's race is unknown. Howeve, Blitz was once an non-sentient member of a species called the Reptiloid.