Corsair Class
Corsair War Frigate
Vehicle statistics
Starship Function Warship
Crew Capacity 504
Power Systems Fusion Power Drive
Engines Ionic Resonator Engines, Forerunner Slipspace Drive
Weapons Magnetic Accelerator Cannons, Cruise Missiles
Class Status many operational

"Prepare for broadside!" - Corsair Captain

The Corsiar War Frigate is about the size of a UNSC Marathon Batttle-Cruiser. The Corsair's trademark armament/configuration is the sets of MAC Guns lining the Port and Starboard of the ship, in a similar configuration to 17th century Navy vessels. They are utilized by Hellcat Squadran, with 2 on loan to Dalmasca. However, 3 have dissappeared and re-surfaced under the control of various Pirate organizations.

Individual ShipsEdit

  • HCS Corsair
  • HCS Dauntless
  • HCS Interceptor
  • 2 Other HS Corsairs
  • HMS Rabanastre
  • HMS Bhujerba
  • Trident
  • Corrupter
  • Hellfire

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