Cordon (Redemptor reprobo)
Standard Cordon
Species statistics
Homeworld Dregok Realm
Species Status Active, Trapped in the Dregok Realm until summoned
Height varies with Sub-species
Weight varies with Sub-species
Skin Color varies with Sub-species
Distinctions varies with Sub-species
Equipment varies with Sub-species
Types See Sub-species Below
Affiliation Hell's Spawn (Formerly), Coalition (IceBite specifically)
Notable Individuals Cordon Alpha
Other Names Redeemed, Risen, Heroes of the Shadows

The Cordon are a race of Inter-dimensional Creatures that originally sided with the Demons thousands of years ago, but, for reasons unknown, side alongside the Coalition now, fighting against their former allies.


There are 24 separate sub-species of Cordon, each specialized for a specific use.

Cordon ArtifactEdit

The Cordon artifact is a crystal that serves as a gateway between the Hellcat Squadran Universe and the Dregok Realm, Realm of the Cordons. The Cordons are loyal to the wielder of the Artifact, unless the leader, Cordon Alpha, connects with someone in that universe, which is the case with IceBite, who befriended the Cordon Leader. Wielded by a mortal, the artifact can summon an army of Cordons. Wielded by a Cordon, it is a weapon of unimaginable power.


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