Conner Renner is the younger brother of former Freelance Vigilante Sean Renner. The two brothers were recruited into Hellcat Squadran by Ryan and Korra Ferran, who were on shore leave in 2178.

Conner Renner
Conner Renner
Vital statistics
Title Private
Callsign Boondock-2
Gender Male
Race human
Physical Age 17
Alignment Chaotic Good
Faction Hellcat Squadran
Tools Dual Desert eagles, Dual P99s
Abilities Light Powers
Status Alive

Personality and TraitsEdit

Conner is commonly referred to as a womanizer, often hitting on women his age and up. He knows when to draw the line though, and knows when to stop. Being the youngest sibling of his family, he has a strong sense of competition and often tries to out-perform Sean. His powers over light make him very dangerous in battle, as he lacks the sense of honor that IceBite possesses. In battle, he is considered reckless and will often take risks that put him in serious danger.

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