Enemy codex thumb
The 'Face' of a Codex
Species statistics
Homeworld Unknown (Supposedly Destroyed)
Species Status Endangered
Height 5' 7"
Weight N/A (In Flux, impossible to measure)
Skin Color Gold
Distinctions In Flux; Static-like Body; Only 'Brain' remains when killed
Equipment N/A
Types N/A
Affiliation Various
Notable Individuals
Other Names

The Codex was a mysterious alien taking on the appearance of a naked human female with completely golden skin, with a featureless face save for a pair of glowing, white eyes, and a black, smoke-like substance flowing out of its head resembling hair. Its body was in a state of continuous flux, constantly appearing and disappearing on the spot, and sometimes creating short-lived, translucent after-images of itself beside it. The Codex carried a standard issue Beam Rifle as its primary weapon.

While her personal forces contain an example of EVERY race uplifted by the Ethereals, Codexes are the most numerous of Alice Harper's forces, and make up most of her personal guard.


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