The Coalition
Coalition Emblem
Vital statistics
Type Multi-Factioned Alliance
Leader One for each Faction
Head of State Director Davenport
Head of Government Lord Hood
Commander-in-Chief Various
De-Facto Leader (if Applicable) IceBite
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Capital Earth
Language(s) Various
  • English (Most Common)
  • Sangheili
  • Klingonese
  • Vulcan
  • Romulan
  • Matoran Language
  • Crogenitor Language
  • Vehexese
  • Glacionian
  • Cybertronian
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Date Formed Organized by Date Joined
Conflicts Involved In Treklan War
Status Operating

The Coalition was formed shortly after the Triple Alliance was formed. It was disbanded with the defeat of the Triple Alliance in 2008 after the Treklan war ended, but with the help of new factions it was reformed in 2009.

The Coalition survived well into the far distant future, where, in one of the alternate universes, they fought Hester Shaw's Regime.

Member OrganizationsEdit


Civilian ClassificationsEdit

The Coalition hs its own way of classifying Civilians. Although these aren't formal classifications, the Coalition beleives they 'make things easier' for records.


Standard Civilians are the generic populous. Examples of either Civilians or Former Civilians include Vakama (Current) and Kristine Pahlke (Former).


Renegades are Civilians that are armed with weaponary, but have no formal (as in official, they can be self-taught) training. Examples of these include Nola Maenn (Current) and Alban Pahlke (Former).


Militia are Civilians with some, but not much, formal training in combat. Examples of these include Kron Prius (Current) and Claire Farron-Ferran (Former).


Mercenaries are armed Civilians with extensive formal training. These can range from former soldiers to hired hands for the military. Examples of these include Lillian York (Current) and Leinad Llehctim (Former).

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Deseased Members: Sarah Harper (Hellcat Squadran)