Although Chaos has always existed, the means to harness it have not been obtained until the arrival of Shadow the Hedgehog, in the Hellcat Squadran Universe. Chaos Powers involve the energies eminating from the Chaos Emeralds.


Chaos ControlEdit

Chaos Control is a phenomena/ability in which one can warp time and space with the mystical Chaos Emeralds, and first utilized by Shadow the Hedgehog. Chaos Control is also considered to be related to other general effects brought about through use of the Chaos Emeralds.

Common uses for Chaos Control include Teleportation and the slowing of Time. As it's a manipulation of Chaos Energies and not Temporal Energies, Temporal-Powered individuals are unable to detect someone using Chaos Control for these purposes.

It is not only the base power for all Chaos Power users, but is also available to any wielding a (single) Chaos Emerald.

Chaos BlastEdit

Chaos Blast is a powerful burst of Chaos Energy that damages all around the user. It is confirmed that Chaos Blast is one of the attacks that can easily wound IceBite to a point where he is knocked out of the fight. Therefore, when IceBite and Shadow are working together, Shadow usually has to have IceBite pull out before he can use Chaos Blast.

Chaos SpearEdit

Chaos Spear is an attack where the user uses Chaos Energy to make something akin to a lightning bolt and launches it at the foe. Although not exclusive to him, this attack has been something of a signature attack of Shadow the Hedgehog.

Known Chaos Power UsersEdit

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