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Carack Edit

Carack is a member of the zeta wing and is 17 years old. Like Ark, he has told no one of his actual name. Personality

Carack is a fun and friendly person.He is polite and likes competitions. Carack is a challange to Odst grievous when it comes to "most kills wins". He thinks that Wolf sword is a disrespectful person and most of his jokes aren't funny.His favourite weapon is the battle rifle and is a very good shooter. In battle he is more of squad leaderand is very good at it too. He is always organized and dosen't like to get dirty.


What others think of him:

Eagle Owl- a very good friend.

Wolf Sword- he thinks that Carack needs to get a better sense of humor.

Odst grievous- Challenge on kill contests, but needs to drop the "Respectful butler" personality. When Carack was assassinated in 2016, along with Ark and an attempted Assassination of Owl, Grievous avenged him first.

Tory- Carack is the only member of zeta wing he gets along with.

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