CFA-44H Dracula (Nosferatu II)
CFA-44H Nosferatu II
Hellcat Squadran's Air Superiority Fighter
Vehicle statistics
Owner Hellcat Squadran
Vehicle Classification
Vehicle Type Air Superiority Fighter
Faction Hellcat Squadran
Special Modifications Enhanced Engines, TLS System, Plasma Lance Laser System, Oxygen Tanks
Status few operational

Originally it was a competitor to the ADF-1H however it lost out due to the slower atmoshperic exit times, and inferior firepower. The limited number produced were then sold off as defense force fighters acting as cheap interceptor aircraft for invading aerospace fighters as a way to recoup the financial loses. The plan worked so well that production began with five hundred orders of the aircraft from several small nations that wished to have a cutting edge defense fighter. Hellcat Squadron uses these aircraft for training purposes before introducing new pilots to the ADF-1H and only has a few in the inventory. A small number were also given to the Dalmascans to suppliment their meager airforce.

Jerdak's Nosferatu IIEdit

The most well-known regularly-used-one was introduced in 2011, used by the recent member Jerdak. Jerdak's Nosferatu has been modified with numerous devices or weapons used by the Sith, it is also equipped with a zamor sphere launcher similar to the ones used by the piraka and it is often distuingished by its black paint job with gold colored etchings in the Skakdi, Ancient Sith, and Miraluka languages.