Bureau of Reason
Symbol of the Bureau of Reason
Vital statistics
Type Semi-Secrete Organisation
Leader Agent Phi
Head of State /
Head of Government /
Commander-in-Chief /
De-Facto Leader (if Applicable) /
Affiliation Neutral
Capital /
Language(s) Numerous
Composite Races {{{races}}}
Date Formed /
Conflicts Involved In First and Second Galactic Wars
Status Operating

The Bureau of Reason, was formed, as a form of secrete police. They keep their allies in check, are often used as black-ops operatives and "bounty hunters". But it should be noted that their head, Agent Phi , says that his Bureau only engages in legal operations, that are nessesary to ensure the continuation of the Confederacy of Order . During the war with Hellcat Squadran, the Bureau became more and more aggressive, climaxing in the creation of a human Reaper.

Known Members can be found on Tales of the Unknown.


Agent Phi

Agent Sigma

Agent Lambda

Agent Xi

Agent Delta

Agent Epsilon

Agent Omikron

Agent Gamma

Agent Beta

Agent Alpha

Agent Omega

Agent Zeta

Agent Tau

Agent Theta

Agent Kappa

Agent Eta

Agent Iota

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