Vital statistics
Title Brother Riley
Gender male
Race Human
Physical Age Unknown
Alignment Lawful Evil
Faction Brotherhood of Nod
Vehicles Avatar BattleMech
Status Deceased

Brother Riley was the commander of the third Avatar strike group meant to patrol the egyptian deserts for Kane's foes. He joined Nod in his universe's 2040. The first reason was Kane was the one person on earth who truely new how to control and use Tiberium, the second was that GDI left his family to die in a yellow zone only to be saved by Nod. He originally wanted to be a Shadow but was adept with an Avatar. When the dimensional storm took place he went with Kane and vowed loyalty Kane even with no tiberium. when Kane vowed to return everyone home his resolve was strengthened. When his unit engaged in combat with Ash's tank platoon. His unit as well as Ash's were wiped out. He died when Ash managed to gain the upper hand when the tridnet laser was used to bring his Avatar to it's knees and fired the 120mm main gun into Riley's cockpit.


Riley is unique when it comes to being a Nod commander when many would kill a subordanate for failure he usually rewards a failure if the strategy that failed shows promise in the future battles. He is also very concerned for other Nod soldiers' lives and has retreated many times to reduce casualties. Kane praised Riley's tactics as his unit has won the day time and again. He is also very quick to sense trouble, he knew when Icebite survived the explosions of the first outpost that IceBite was not a Shadow; however he didn't kill IceBite because of the Nod IFF IceBite was wearing.

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