Bounty Hunters, in the traditional sense, refer to people who are hired to hunt down people who fail to show up to court hearings by a bond company. Bounty Hunters in the war-time sense, however, are a form of experienced mercenary who charges a lot of money for their services.

Known 'Bounty Hunters'Edit

This is a list of known 'Bounty Hunter' Mercenaries:

  • Boba Fett (Star Wars Universe Native Bounty Hunter notorious across the galaxy)
  • Ba'Gamnan (Ivalician Bangaa Headhunter with a reputation for ruthlessness and lack of mercy. Known to kidnap children, even young girls, to get what he wants.)

Former Bounty HuntersEdit

  • Lillian York (HS-Universe Native Human Female Teenaged Mercenary in armor made of 'Scrap-Metal')

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