Blood Gulch
Blood Gulch
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Map of Blood Gulch
Vital statistics
Type A f***ing box canyon in the middle of nowhere
Location Unknown
Inhabitants Red Team, Blue Team, Anastasia Renner (temporarily)

Blood Gulch is a box canyon of no significance in the grand scheme of things. Due to this, is is probably the safest place to hide something. It was originally inhabited by the Red and Blue teams, but they since left to join Hellcat Squadran. However, the 2 teams, as well as the Freelancers, returned to Blood Gulch in 2273 to serve as guard detail when Anastasia Renner, who was targeted by the Alliance of Unrelenting Darkness due to her actions as Judge Althaea, was forced to enter exile for a few years.

In 2277, they pulled out again, once it was deemed safe for Anastasia to return home.

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