Blitz Concept
Blitz, the Storm Striker
Vital statistics
Title The Storm Striker
Gender male
Race Sentient Reptiloid
Physical Age Unknown, presumed thousands of years
Alignment Lawful Good
Faction Crogenitor Insurgency
Tools Scythe Claws, Electro Claws, Galvanic Claw, Lightning Talons
Abilities Plasma Genesis, 'Gamma' Power
Status Alive

"Neither the Darkspore, or these......Zann Consortium criminals...matter. All that does matter is freeing our worlds from those that would destroy them." - Blitz

Blitz is from a world known as Cryos, ironic considering most of its populous can manipulate the elements of Fire, Electricity, or Plasma. He was fighting The Darkspore with Meditron and Maldri when encountered by Hellcat Squadran on Zelem's Nexus. He singlehanded saved Snow Villers, Claire Farron, and Serah Farron from a Warp Spawner and 3 Gravitic Confiners.

Of all the genetic heroes, he seems to be the leader of them.


He is known to be a strong and just leader, as just as he is vicious and deadly. He is also quite honorable and respects others who are so. He'd only attack you if you attack him or one of his allies.

Blitz Gamma

Blitz's Gamma Mode

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