Black Cell
Vital statistics
Type Crime Ring
Leader Descident
Head of State
Head of Government
De-Facto Leader (if Applicable)
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Date Formed 2123
Conflicts Involved In
Status Operating

Black Cell is the name of a galactic Crime Ring in the Milky Way Galaxy, formed around 2123. Ever since, it's been a major thorn in the Coalition's side, as they attempted to eliminate the Crime Ring for several decades after its formation.

During the late 23rd Century, Black Cell expanded into other operations, including, but not limited to, Slave Trade.


Early HistoryEdit

Encounter in 2200Edit

Around 2200, Hellcat Squadran risked sending May into deep-insertion into the organization, under the disguise and alias of 'Aina'. Unfortunately, her infiltration was foiled when GDI District Constable Vinarin came in and arrested all individuals in the Earth Holdout, including May, thinking it was a regular minor Drug Ring. Later, however, IceBite freed May, after berating the Constable for basically ruining whatever chance they had of eliminating the Drug Ring within the near future. To add to the issue, Director Davenport was aware of the infiltration effort AND had warned all his subordinates to not engage in Black Cell-extraction operations in order to prevent such an incident. It is very much likely that Vinarin was demoted or even discharged for his mistake.

GTVA InterventionEdit

For almost 2 centuries, the identities of the members of Black Cell have eluded Coalition, and then Army of Light, officials. Surprisingly, it was the arrival of the Galactic Terran-Vasudan Alliance, with both the Galactic Terran-Vasudan Intelligence and Special Operations Command, that the identities of several Black Cell higher-ups were finally revealed.

Ranking SystemEdit

The Black Cell Ranking Hierarchy appears to be derived from (Although not exactly resembling) the standard Mafia ranking system.

  • Thug
  • Soldier
  • Capo
  • Underboss
  • Don

Known MembersEdit

Full MembersEdit


  • Vizza and Drel (Twins enslaved and brainwashed into bodyguards)


Known ActionsEdit

They're known to distribute various illegal drugs ranging from Deathsticks, outlawed by the New Republic; Ketracel-White, banned by the United Federation of Planets; Black Spice, contriband fron the Eteno; Skooma, which is frowned upon by the Septim Empire; and others.

During the 2280s, Black Cell moved into the Slave Trade business. The means they control their slaves is through their drugs, and programming from birth: they kidnap females of 'desirable' races, and brutally rape them until they get pregnant. Then, once the child is born, the 'mother' is disposed of, and the child is cared for until they turn 8 or 9. At that point, their handlers use mind-altering drugs on them to force the slave into submission, making them (almost) completely dependent on the drug, which degrades their mind (while under its effects, their mind while not under the influence remains normal) until they can only follow simple commands. While not popular laborers, many crime syndicates and unscrupulous Alliance of Unrelenting Darkness officials purchase their slaves for use as sex slaves.

While it is possible to reverse the damage incurred on the slaves, the process is long and tenuous, usually relying on different mind-altering drugs to counteract and reverse the damage done by Black Cell's drugs. Even then, recovery might not be total, and the ex-slave will more than likely carry a few quirks that would mark them as an ex-slave.


Black Cell Members/Member TypesEdit



Black Cell MercsEdit

Black Cell VehiclesEdit

Black Cell ShipsEdit

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