The Beta wing is one of the more strict and harder to join units with wash out rate of 96%. The unit specializes in Air to space and ground attack missions. The primary ground attack missions performed are against anti aircraft defenses and assualting enemy space ships. The squadron can hold its own in a dogfight but their missions are more focused on clearing out defenses and destroying high valued targets like carrier ships. The requirments are that pilots must be able to handle a range of firearms both freind and foe as well as master hand to hand combat in case of being shot down, and have to pass an extended survival program. It is under the command of Derek "Tomcat" Sanders. The primary aircraft of the squadron were modified F-22ASF that had lasers mounted similar to the ADF-1H only less powerful but were able to fire more often. The casualty rate from the first war HC participated in over Mars reduced the squadron to only four pilots out of eighteen. As of 2007 the squadron phased out the F-22ASF in favor of the ADF-1H.

Pilot StatusEdit

Derek Sanders -Active commander

Mike Thompson- KIA over Mars

Joe Deleny- Active wing man and Squadron second in command

Mitch Westly- KIA over Mars

Running Fox Lexington- Active member

Jon Scott- Active member

Joesph Cameron- KIA over Mars

Adam Preston- KIA over Mars

Preston Lacey- KIA over Mars

Tawmora Scotts- KIA over Mars

Issac Morgan- KIA over Mars

Tim Stamson- KIA over Mars

Benny Freeman- KIA over Mars

Benjamin Waye- KIA over Mars

Prestin Hampton- KIA over Mars

Shiro Ikkaku- KIA over Mars

Hennry Tamers- KIA over Mars

Sammuel Parker- KIA over Mars