Battleship-type Bioship
A '21st Century' Species 8472 Bioship, one of the most powerful Coalition Starships
Vehicle statistics
Starship Function Battleship/Fighter
Crew Capacity 1
Power Systems UNKNOWN
Weapons {{{weap}}}
Class Status Many Alive

The Species 8472 battleship was a type of bioship used by Species 8472, and was one of their primary warships.

They were crewed by a single pilot and were capable of naturally travelling at warp speed. They were made of the same bio-matter as the pilots themselves and, as such, were resistant to assimilation by the Borg Collective. They were armed with a single powerful bio-pulse weapon that was capable of inflicting a great deal of damage on Borg vessels and have extremely powerful shielding being more than strong enough to repel Borg adapting weaponry.

Eight of these ships could collect and combine the firepower using a energy focusing ship to form a planet killer. When the Borg entered fluidic space, they were forced back by this resistance.

The pilots had another form of weapon to unleash on their enemies which utilized their impressive telepathic abilities to unleash a wave of energy that drove the crew of enemy vessels mad. Infected enemy ships would attack anyone, even their former comrades and on certain occassions would lead to the crew activating the ships self destruct sequence.

Bioship Console

Control Console for Bioship (Nervous System connection?????)

Many of these ships are bred from floating "embryos" that can also mutate into other Species 8472 vessels, this was first observed by Jerdak after a request from IceBite to inspect one of their compounds.


The initial Bioships were the ships encountered commonly by the Borg and Voyager. They were described as yellow in color and fired weaker, yellow Bio Beams. However, with each, these evolved into a newer form. The evolutions included:

  • 21st Century Evolution was the original Bioship, colored Yellow
  • 22nd Century Evolution had more powerful weapons, colored Blue
  • 23rd Century Evolution had enhanced regeneration capabilities, colored Green
  • 24th Century Evolution had increased durability and shield strength, colored Purple
8472 Force 22nd

22nd Century variants of Evolved Bioships involved in Holly Lund's offensive against the Volfgang

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