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Operation 'Shadow Hand'
Army of Light
Conflict: Tether War
Date: 6/25/2215
Place: Haxion Nebula
Outcome: Coalition/Army of Light Victory

Coalition/Army of Light

Alliance of Unending Darkness


Leinad Llehctim, Meta Knight

Prophet of Truth, Darth Vader, Unknown 'Shadow' Commander






All except for one Imperial-V, the Archades class Command Vessel, and one Battlecrab

A battle in the Tether War, it involves a Hellcat Squadran War Fleet being ambushed by a force of AoUD starships, accompanied by their new 'Shadows' Allies. The Hellcat Squadran Fleet was almost decimated, until the timely arrival of the Meta Knight, with some new allies, from an organization of factions similar to the Coalition called the Army of Light. The timely arrival of the Army of Light led to a turn in the tide of the battle.

However, the HCS Salvation's Light and HCS Silent Hunter were both destroyed in this battle, although, fortunately, the ships' crews were able to successfully evacuate.

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