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Battle of Zelem's Nexus (Operation 'Genesis')
Conflict: Consortium War
Date: 02/18/2027
Place: Infinity
Outcome: Coalition/Crogenitor Insurgency Victory

Coalition/Crogenitor Insurgency

Zann Consortium

The Darkspore


IceBite, Claire 'Lightning' Farron, Unknown Crogenitor


Polaris, the Gravity Manipulator


Serah Farron, Snow Villers, Holly, May, Tory Lund, Qymaen jai Sheelal, Adamantine Paladin, Ranger, Pathfinder, Blitz, Meditron, Maldri, Orion, Viper, Skar

Unknown Number of Zann Consortium Units

millions of Quantum Darkspore



All except for the IG-88


This battle was fought in 2027, and one of the only 6 battles during the Consortium War that didn't involve the Consortium as much as it did another enemy: the Darkspore.

The RingEdit

A small fleet, lead by the relatively new Hellcat Squadran General, Qymaen jai Sheelal, known universally as General Grievous, discovered a ring-like construct near a black hole. A strike force, led by IceBite and Claire Farron, arrived at the ring to investigate. What they discovered was an enormous construct, which, with the use of many gravitational devices, held the remians of a destroyed planet in place and kept an atmosphere around them, allowing life to continue. When they arrived, though, they found the interior of the construct was relatively empty. The force split in to several teams, Team Alpha (IceBite, Qymaen, Holly, and May), Team Beta (Lightning, Snow Villers, and Serah Farron), and Team Gamma (the Adamantine Paladin, Ranger, Pathfinder, and Tory Lund). The 3 teams split off and headed to investigate different parts of the Ring.

Genetic HeroesEdit

At one point, Serah was separated from the rest of Team Beta and was wandering on one of the desert-like 'islands.' She started to call out to her friends, but didn't notice a creature sneaking up behind her. When she finally turned around, she was faced by a large, flower-shaped squid-like creature. She immediately brought her bow to bear and shouted for her friends, but a flying, legless, tailed humanoid flew in and trapped her in a gravimetric bubble. However, the rest of Beta heard her shouts and came running, but 2 more of the flying creatures flew in and trapped them. As the squid-creature came to kill them, it suddenly started convulsing and spazzing out, before dying. Before the trio could see what killed the creature, a bolt of lightning shot out from behind it and struck one of the flying fiends, killing it and releasing Lightning, who proceded to attack the other 2 fliers. Finally, after those 2 were killed, the creature that saved them, a large, humanoid, lizard-like creature, approached Serah, who was still on the ground. However, before Lightning could command it to get away from Serah, it held out its hand, as if to help her up, which is what it did. It then garbeled something in an alien tongue. The others tried to ask it what it was saying. Fortunetly, it seemed to understand, as it then said, quite clearly, "I am Blitz, the Storm Striker. I am one of the 25 Genetic Heroes. I am a friend to any enemy of the Darkspore."

Around that same time, Team Gamma found themselves in a tight spot: multiple beasts charged their group. Ranger, Pathfinder, and the Adamantine Paladin were all being overwhelmed by the creatures attacking them.


Serah Zelem's Nexus

Serah, just before being ambushed by a Darkspore Warp Spawner

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