Previous battle: Battle of Verdanth
Concurrent battle: none
Next battle: Final Battle At Earth
Battle of Scaldron (Operation 'Corruption Removed')
Steel Knights Adamantine
Conflict: Consortium War
Date: 04/01/2027
Place: Scaldron
Outcome: Coalition/Crogenitor Insurgency Victory

Coalition/Crogenitor Insurgency

Zann Consortium

The Darkspore


IceBite, Claire 'Lightning' Farron, Blitz, Zrin, Adamantine Paladin


The Corruptor


Serah Farron, Snow Villers, May, Tory Lund, 2000 Steel Knights, Meditron, Maldri, Orion, Viper, Skar, Goliath, Vex, Char, Wraith, Arakna, Jinx, Lumin, Savage, Andromeda, Arborus, Krel, Magnos, SRS-42, Sage, Seraph-XS, Titan, Tork

Unknown number of Zann Consortium units

millions of all kinds of Darkspore


987 Steel Knights


All except for the Corruptor

The Battle of Scaldron is the final battle during the Consortium War involving the Darkspore. It also marks the second time Serah is saved from the Darkspore by a Genetic Hero, this time Serah and Lightning are saved from an Undermind by Lumin.

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