Previous battle: Battle of Infinity
Concurrent battle: none
Next battle: Battle of Verdanth
Battle of Nocturna (Operation 'Underdark')
Conflict: Consortium War
Date: 03/25/2027
Place: Nocturna
Outcome: Coalition/Crogenitor Insurgency Victory

Coalition/Crogenitor Insurgency

Zann Consortium

The Darkspore


IceBite, Claire 'Lightning' Farron, Blitz, Wraith


Nashira, the Shadow Void


Snow Villers, May, Adamantine Paladin, Meditron, Maldri, Orion, Viper, Skar, Goliath, Vex, Char, Arakna, Jinx, Revenant, 4 D77H-TCI Pelican Dropships, wreck of a Xind-Aquatic-Style Carrier, 3 J701 Arachnid Mechs, several Asp Mrk 2s and Hensir Mrk 2s, Zeta Wing (Later)

Unknown number of Zann Consortium Vehicles

millions of Necro Darkspore


several Mechs




Serah's wounds at Infinity were more than Meditron can completely heal (he doesn't have a complete handle on Human anatomy yet), so they need to get her to a medical facility. Unfortunetely, their starship, a Phantom Legion Xindi-Aquatic-style Carrier, was shot down at a dark planet overflowing with Necro-Genesis energy. It was the planet Nocturna, and they were immediately attacked by the Darkspore upon crashing.

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