Previous battle: none
Concurrent battle: none
Next battle: none
Battle of Nirn (Operation 'Dragonfire')
Battle of Nirn
Conflict: None
Date: 7/14/2081
Place: Nirn
Outcome: Coalition/Septim Empire/Battlehorn Castle/Mage's Guild/Frostcrag Spire/Greybeards Victory

Coalition/Septim Empire/Battlehorn Castle/Mage's Guild/Frostcrag Spire/Greybeards

Shadow Alliance/Hell's Spawn/Mehrunes Dagon and his Daedra/Dark Brotherhood/Mythic Dawn Remnants/Dragon Cult (all soon merge into Shadow Alliance)


Holly, High Chancellor Ocato, Grandmaster Jauffre, Battlehorn Man-At-Arms Kron, Arch-Mage Nola Maenn, Paarthurnax

Unknown Galactic Empire Commander, Teridax, Maledict, Hell-Time Hunter, Mehrunes Dagon, Scar'ir, Alduin


HCS Last Resort, Sen Urec, Ryan Ferran, Claire Farron-Ferran, Snow Villers, Serah Farron-Villers, Brutaka, Axonn, Hellcat Squadran Fleet, IceBite, May, Vezon, Chirox, Vamprah, 300 Rogue Rahkshi, 15 Imperial Palace Guards, 400 Imperial Legion Soldiers, 25 Blades, Baurus, Renault, Eldamil, 10 Battlehorn Men-At-Arms, Frost, 14 other Frost Atronachs, 15 Storm Atronachs, Few Nirnian Dragons, Odahviing (Later on)

Unknown number of Rahkshi (Ranged in the thousands), 15 AT-AT Walkers, 30 AT-STs, 250 Stormtroopers, Unknown number of Demons and Daedra (ranged in, possibly, millions), Thousands of Nirnian Dragons, Odahviing (Early on)


Untold number of Coalition and Imperial Troops, 9 Battlehorn Men-At-Arms, untold number of Necromanced Undead, 20 Atronachs

Destroyed/Killed: All Rahkshi, 10 AT-ATs destroyed, 20 AT-STs destroyed, 200 Stormtroopers, Catastropic Daedra and Demon Casualties, Scar'ir, unknown number of Nirnian Dragons

Technomanced: 2 AT-ATs

Captured: 3 AT-ATs Captured by Imperial Legion and Battlehorn forces, 10 AT-STs captured by Imperial Legion and Battlehorn forces

Defected: Odahviing

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