BNS Sovereign
The Sovereign in a Nebula with some Nod-Controlled Longsword.
Vehicle statistics
Owner Kane
Starship Class (if Applicable) Marathon Class Battle Cruiser
Starship Type Flagship
Faction Brotherhood of Nod
Power/Weapon Systems * Titanium-A Battle Plate
  • An unconfirmed number of Magnetic Accelerator Cannons
  • Oversized Archer Missile pods
  • 50 mm Point Defense Guns
Special modifications Beam Cannon Laser, Shields
Status Barely Operational

Originaly the UNSC Halcyon Days the ship was stolen during a Nod raid on a space port near Mars. At the time the ship was to be decommisioned and turned into a museum. After it was dearmed of its main cannon the security was so lapsed that Nod shadows only had to kill ten people to steal the ship. Later that year the ship returned to Mars and laid seige to the local defenders. The information on state of the vessel before the raid was that it was acting as a transport but after it began firing of multiple types weapons before Beta managed to shut down its defense but it still made off with a psychic amplification device. The ship was severly damaged when the liberation force arrived and only made it into slipspace after another ship sacrificed itself to save the wounded vessel from near destruction. Ever since then the ship has been missing many belived it exploded in slipspace along with the Psychic amplifier. This miscalcullation would come back and haunt everyone involved with the defense of Mars.