BNN Strikerwind
Vehicle statistics
Owner Brotherhood of NOD
Navy Ship Class (if Applicable) Wirbelwind Class Super-High Speed Cruiser
Navy Ship Type Super High Speed Cruiser
Faction Brotherhood of NOD
Weapons x10 35cm 60 cal Cannons
  • x20 55mm Machine Guns
  • x8 Torpedo Launchers
  • x5 Depth Charge Dispencers
  • x4 Rocket Launchers
Special modifications
Status KIA, Sunk by the CDN Runman

The BNN Strikerwond was a prototype High-Speed Attack Cruiser developed by the Brotherhood of Nod during the Treklan War. In 2007, the vessel was sunk by the CDN Runman, and the technology salvaged and incorporated into the HCN Fenrir. Although technically a Cruiser, the Strikerwind's size exceeded that of a Battleship, causing it to sometimes be erroniously called a 'High-Speed Battleship'.

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