B-65 Shortsword
Vehicle statistics
Vehicle Function
Length 27.3 meters
Width 35.3 meters
Height 6.3 meters
Crew Capacity 3 (Pilot, Co-Pilot, System Technician)
Weapons Various
  • M955 ASW/AC 30mm MLA
  • M/RODAS delivery system
    • Unguided bomb
    • Cryo bomb
    • Disruption bomb
Class Status operational

The Shortsword was once a top notch strike aircraft however as time went on aerospace classed fighters and bombers became cheaper to operate and the single-role aircraft was deemed obsolete and mothballed. A year later they were brought out of storage and turned into flying target drones. The fact that the aircraft was so maneuverable with a pilot the unmanned version was perfect for training ace fighter pilots in almost all airforces. However, they were brought back when the Treklan War intensified. The aircraft were partially responsible for the victory at the Battle of Kaven Island.

Since then, the Swordsword has returned to full active service.