Azelia Zia
Darksaber Melissa4
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Race Human-born Fumetsu
Physical Age 21
Alignment Neutral Good
Faction Phoenix Imperium
Tools Pyre Blades
Abilities Psionics
Vehicles Cobra-class Destroyer IIV Huntsman
Status Alive

Azelia Zia is a Fumetsu affiliated with the Phoenix Imperium's Phoenix Shield, Ordo Militaris. The young Psionicist was discovered by the Phoenix Imperium when she was 16. However, it was discovered that she stopped aging at around 21 andthat she was now capable of excessive regeneration: it would require total annihilation of her entire body to actually kill her.

Due to her effectiveness in missions, owing to her near-immortality, she has managed to make it to the coveted Phoenix Shield rank of Inquisitor Lord.


Azelia is highly independent and efficient in her work. She is also somewhat forgiving, but this stems from the fact that she is somewhat hostile at times, thus requiring her to learn to forgive people who have acted out of grievance towards a previous act of hostility from her.

Responsible and discreet in her work, she has been part of many operations for Phoenix Shield, uprooting corrupt agents from the military and removing multiple enemy agents, first during the Ethereal War and then later, during the Imperial War.

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