Avedis Marcion Vardan
Dylan O'Brien
Vital statistics
Gender male
Race human
Physical Age 25
Alignment Neutral Good
Faction Brotherhood of Nod (Formerly), Hellcat Squadran
Tools Nod Light Infantry Armor, Nod Light Infantry Rifle, Various Nod Armors from family
Vehicles Nod Raider Buggy, Nod Scorpion Tank, Cataract
Status Alive

Avedis Vardan is a former Nod Light Infantryman, and brother to Siran Vardan, who was subjected to Nod Experimentation. Avedis was appalled at this, and, taking his sister, fled in a stolen starship for Coalition space. He and his sister were given asylum by IceBite, and were allowed to stay at Kaven Base their former status as Nod members hidden.

However, Avedis feels guilt over having been a part of the organization guilty of experimenting on his sister, as well as several other atrocities, a couple of which he even took part in. This caused him to get along well with, and even fall for, Trista Bennett, who also had parts of her past she regretted.


Avedis is very determined, and will try his hardest to achieve his goals, however, if his family's threatened, he'll drop what he's doing to help them. Considering Siran's his only family left, he's more than a little protective of her, especially considering her condition.

Bringing up his past with Nod will more likely than not provoke an aggressive response from him. Two examples of individuals he WOULDN'T go aggressive on include Trista Bennett and Siran.


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