The Avatar battle mech is a rare sight on the battle field due to its high cost and heavy requirement for proper training. The Avatars come with a standard issue high intensity laser capable of slicing an M1 Abrams tank in half if it manages to ensure a constant hit on the tank. The only true vehicle that could go toe to toe with an Avatar is the Mammoth tank as it take three M1 tanks to down a single Avatar unless the tanks engage at close range and use smoke to block the Mech's field of view. However, when Hellcat Squadran invented the F3-204S Ravager, the Avatar found itself vastly outmatched. The Avatar has been know to stomp on Abarms tanks and even kick them around like a ball.

Rebellion AvatarEdit

Rebel Avatar

A Rebellion AVATAR, prepared for battle.

The Rebellion Avatar is the main vehicle of choice of the Rebellion against NOD, which is led by a cleverly-made clone that seems to be the true Sarah Harper.