Aussa Terrum
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Vital statistics
Gender female
Race Human
Physical Age 21
Alignment Neutral Good
Faction Task Force Sigma
Tools Earth Mage's Staff
Abilities Earth Magic, Metapsionics
Vehicles GJS Earth Mover
Status Alive

Aussa was the 4th kidnapped of Task Force Sigma that, when they were young, were kidnapped by the Brotherhood of Nod, as well as the 2nd oldest of them (just a few months younger than Dharc). She's the most intelligent and tech-savvy of the group, and therefore serves as their technical analyst and slicer.

Like each primary member of Task Force Sigma, Aussa has an extra power, caused by Nod's experimentation on her. Aussa's powers revolve around Metapsionics, allowing her to buff her allies' powers, or even repair mental damage inflicted on allies.


Aussa's much calmer than the others, and is more analytical of the situation presented to her. When she and the others were held by Nod, she's the one that kept the coolest head out of the group, next to Eria and Dharc, who also remained relatively calm.

She also seems to be the one most in touch with nature, even before becoming an Earth Mage.


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