This is the Alteran Battleship obtained through Project Stormgate operations. You may be looking for the similarly-named Hellcat Squadran-built Aurora class Battlestar.

Aurora-class Battleship
Vehicle statistics
Starship Function Heavy Warship
Length 3,500 meters
Width 1000 meters
Height 500 meters
Crew Capacity 2500 (Minimum Crew to run: 1)
Power Systems ZPM-Powered Generators
Engines Alteran Sublight drive
Weapons Various
  • 20 Drone Weapons Launchers
  • 20 Energy Weapons
Class Status active

The Aurora-class Battleship, also known as the Alteran Battleship or Asuran Battleship (depending on which of the 2 are using it), is a starship from Stargate Command's universe, obtained by Hellcat Squadran through operations by Project Stormgate, and is also one of the most powerful ships fielded by Hellcat Squadran's forces. However, due to the Aurora class's advanced tech, and HS's inability to decode said tech, only 6 of these ships are fielded, one of them by Winter Yale as her flagship, the PSS Gracemaria, and 5 as part of Leinad Llehctim's Omega Squad's Omega Strike Force.

Capable of overpowering even Shadow and Vorlon ships with ease, the Aurora is currently the most powerful ship fielded in the Coalition (for its size).

Known Aurora class BattleshipsEdit


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