Audelia <> Llehctim
Vital statistics
Title The Mechanist
Gender Female
Race Human
Physical Age 21
Alignment Neutral Good
Faction N/A
Tools Skulblakan: Technology Control
Abilities Skulblakan Hybrid
Status Alive

Audelia Llehctim is the daughter of Skylar Llehctim and an unknown human male, and a Skulblakan Hybrid who can create and control any and all technology at a whim. She is best friends, almost like sisters, with Arya Gustafsson.

One trait of Audelia was that she is Heterochromic, her left eye's color matches her mother's, while her right eye is, for unknown reasons, red.


Between her and Arya, Audelia was the more well-behaved of the two, and was content tinkering with technology, both with her powers and conventionally (which she calls 'more difficult, but more fun').


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