Ash Ketchum is a character from the Pokemon Series.

Ash Ketchum
Ash (Pokemon) (Tank-Mechanized Commander)
Vital statistics
Title Tank Commander, 'Scatterblast-010'
Callsign Scatterblast
Gender male
Race human
Physical Age 13-14
Alignment Neutral Good
Faction Hellcat Squadran
Tools RPG
Abilities Aura Powers
Vehicles M1A4H Trident Abrams, M808 MBT Scorpion, Hensir Battle-Mech, Mammoth Tank variant made by Tory
Status alive

Ash is the commander of Hellcat Squadran's Tanks. He has Aura powers.


Treklan WarEdit

Ash serves during the Treklan war. His greatest contribution was at the End of the War, where a squad of his tanks took on a group of NOD Avatars. Ash, his gunner Mickey, and driver Kelly were the only survivors of the battle with Riley's Avatar advanced strike unit.

Shadow WarEdit

Just before the Shadow War, Ash, along with Dawn, Odst grievous and Sarah Sanders, is injured by Shadow Tartorus.



Ash Ketchum charging up an Aura Sphere

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