Arucane controlling something.
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Marethari Arven
Physical Age 25
Alignment Neutral-Evil
Faction Self
Tools None
Abilities Has control over matter.
Vehicles None
Status Alive


In 2285, a young man with no memory woke up in the forests outside of Kaven Base. He began to wander through the woods, looking for signs of life, and encountered a trio of Weeping Angels. He quickly learned their nature, and eventually had all three of them frozen in front of them. He escaped the forests and began walking to the nearest city. At the end of the day, he found himself in a hotel in Las Vegas. He began pondering who he was and what he was doing in the forest. He decided to change the channel, but could not find the remote. After a moment, it levitated to him, seemingly in reaction to his thoughts about not being able to find it. He spent the next week learning about this, and realized that he could control anything in the physical world around him. He left Vegas and soon wound up in Washington DC. There, he decided to enter a library and read a very old fantasy novel. In it, he found the word Arucane, which meant Eternal Fire or Unending Fire. He took the word as his name and left.

He had several encounters with members of Hellcat Squadran, who he rejected as inferior and defeated them with great ease. He then began to travel the galaxy alone, acting on whims and doing as his heart desired.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Arucane is generally an introvert, preferring to be alone. He answers to no one, and believes that any who are less powerful than he is to not be worth his time. He avoids falling in with any organization, as he works for himself and himself alone. The few in the galaxy who could equal him in power are held in high respect by him, and he would be made quite depressed if he were to have to kill them. Arucane can control anything in the physical world around him by unknown means, even to him. He simply thinks of what he wants something to do and it does it. A drop of his blood found on a site where he had been showed that he is not human, but something no one has ever encountered before.


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