Arielle Goldglow
Vital statistics
Gender female
Race Elf
Physical Age 28
Alignment Lawful Good
Faction Guardians of Justice
Tools Sword
Abilities Torillian Magic
Status Alive

Arielle Goldglow was an elven princess and cleric from Toril that joined the Guardians of Justice. She soon also became a General of their Military Forces in the Hellcat Squadran Universe.


Early LifeEdit

Guardians of JusticeEdit

Cybertron ConflictEdit

Just prior to the Cybertron Conflict, she was assigned to an Earthbound outpost along with 'Strider', Dante, and Aria. This outpost was later attacked by Alt Decepticons, led by Megatron-2. Arielle was blasted aside by Ransack, surviving with only broken bones and other (comparively) minor impact wounds.

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