Arcturus III
Vital statistics
Star, Position Arcturus, 3
Moon(s) Tfarcenim
Gravity Earth's Gravity
Atmosphere N2, O2, various other
Species Humans, Endermen, various creatures of unknown origin
Technology Tier Tier 3

Arcturus III is a planetary enigma to science. The world is covered in a layer of plain dirt sitting over a layer of stone and Obsidian, with scattered ores containing coal, iron, diamond, gold, lapus lazuli, and an unusual substance called Redstone in that layer. Under the stone layer is an unusual type of almost-unbreakable stone called 'Bedrock'. Under this layer is a seemingly-endless void, making the Earth-Like environment on the world's surface a mystery.

Some areas of the planet are severely deformed, and the terrain appears to look like cubes. All inhabitants of these regions (excluding those born from those that came from outside these regions) equally appear to be made of cubes. One such individual is Sergej Valeriev, who Alban Pahlke and Aria Shadewood meet while trapped on Arcturus III.

The Planet is known to have scattered ruins across it, containing powerful facilities known as 'Strongholds', which contain ancient shrines of unknown purpose. Some believe them to be altars for an undiscovered cult. Others believe them to be portals to another dimension.

This planet has, many times, been called "God's Playground".