Arcturian Cybromancer (Ferrobellator magnus)
Oberon by cyberneticdragon-d7f7luc
Species statistics
Homeworld Arcturus IV (Supposedly)
Species Status appearing
Height 10'
Weight 1000 lbs
Skin Color silver
Distinctions metallic body with organic and cybernetic components; taller than Grox and most Borg; similar in appearance to Endermen
Equipment various
Types diverse
Affiliation Selves
Notable Individuals
Other Names *Clankers
  • Pseudo-Borg
  • Mechas
  • Cyber-Reapers

Arcturian Cybromancers are powerful cybernetic creatures capable of leveling an entire city in a fit of rage. These creatures appeared after the destruction of The End at the hands of Alban Pahlke and Aria Shadewood.

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