Arakna Concept
Arakna, the Soul Collector
Vital statistics
Title The Soul Collector
Gender female
Race Unknown
Physical Age Unknown
Alignment Chaotic Good
Faction Nocturni Legion, Crogenitor Insurgency
Tools Spirit Blaster, Phantom Cannon, Soul Destroyer, Umbral Blaster
Abilities Necro Genesis, 'Gamma' Power, Soul Collecting
Status Alive

"The last thing my victims see is me standing over them, before I tear their souls from their corporeal bodies, becoming just one more soul in my arsenal." - Arakna

Arakna is a one of the most sinister members of the Crogenitor Insurgency. However, she is thought to harbor a softer side. It's just those who find out don't last long enough to make it known. She met the Coalition on Nocturna, her homeworld.


She is cold, merciless, and will tear your head off if you look at her funny. However, she harbors a softer side made evident when she uses the thousands of Souls she's collected to defend her comrades.

Arakna Gamma

Arakna's Gamma Mode

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