Antaran (Homo sapians antares)
Warrior Lady of the Wasteland
Juniper Cross, an Antaran female
Species statistics
Homeworld Antares III
Species Status wide-spread
Height At Average: 5' 7"
Weight At Average: 120-140 lbs (female), 160-180 (male)
Skin Color various shades of brown, pinkish tint for fairer skin
Equipment various
Types various
Affiliation various
Notable Individuals Various
Other Names

The Antarans are a subrace of human, which few differences from normal humans, other than minor genetic differences. Antarans also have an increased resistance to the effects of alcohol: they can consume 3 times the amount of alcohol a normal person before being affected by it, in the way a normal human would be by 1/3 of the amount the Antaran consumed.

Antarans were separated from the human race when a human colony ship, several centuries ago, was thrown lightyears away, and forced to settle on the first habitable world they could. This world was Antares III, which put them in conflict with the Saurinox, a race that originated in the Antares system. The humans were able to fight off the Saurinox for a few years, until the Saurinox cut off the war, pulling their forces away from the human-controlled world, and leaving them alone.

Over the years, the humans that ended up on Antares III eventually turned into the Antarans. Furthermore, due to the damaged state of their ship (becoming even worse as time progressed), and their lack of sufficient resources to repair it or build new ships, the Antarans remained isolated on Antares III. A century ago, however, the Saurinox returned, this time, however, to open trade agreements with the Antarans. The Antarans, still building up Antares III, so in no position to refuse, accepted. Soon, relations between the races grew to where, eventually, the Antaran/Saurinox Alliance was formed.

Leadership in Antaran cities is split between 2 individuals: the Mayor, who handles legislative matters in the city, usually with the help of several advisors; and the Sheriff, who's in charge of the city's Law Enforcement forces, as well as the city's militia forces.

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