Ankmor-class Assault Craft
Vehicle statistics
Starship Function Fast Attack Craft
Length 75 meters
Width 75 meters
Height 40 meters
Crew Capacity 1
Power Systems Energon Core
Engines Fusion Drive
Weapons Various
  • Retractable Energon Pulse Cannons (2)
  • Missile Launchers (2)
Class Status Active

A Cybertronian craft from another universe, the Ankmor-class Assault Craft was the favored ship of the Wreckers, an Autobot group noted for working outside the chain of command.

Counterstrike managed to obtain one before coming to the Hellcat Squadran universe, which he uses frequently for transportation.

Due to being created for Cybertronians, the Ankmor is massive on the inside, compared to human-sized races, and therefore requires special modifications to be usable by average races.

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