Angel Carano
Angel by karstine-d5l3ql3
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Race Human
Physical Age 23
Alignment Chaotic Good
Abilities Psychic Powers
Status Alive

Angel Carano is the bounty hunting partner of Maya Arslan.


Angel was an orphan on Coruscant before being taken in by a random older man on the street. He revealed she was a psychic to her, and she trained with him for six years before running away. She bounty hunted for several years until she met Maya Arslan, with whom she formed a team with on Maya's discovered planet.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Angel is a shy person who doesn't trust easily. When someone gets to know her, however, she will open up to them. She also has a strong moral compass about her. Her appearance is described as emo, which she denies. She is a powerful psychic, greater then her partner's abilities, and can take the form of a woman with glowing angel wings. She has little hand-to-hand or weapon experience, however.


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