The Anathame was a sword-like weapon. During the Battle on Davin's Moon Warmaster Horus confronted the rebel leader Temba and was seemingly unpersuaded by Temba's words of power that could be wielded by Horus if he sided with him, after declining Temba's offer of ultimate power Temba lifted the Anathame to his lips and said "The Warmaster Horus" and suddenly the blade leapt into life and darted for Horus with unreal agility which was strange for Temba's body was seriously bloated and deformed by the powers of Nurgle infested within him. The battle came to an end with Horus finishing Temba with an almighty killing blow, but not before Temba was able to thrust the Anathame through Horus's left shoulder. Horus was later taken aboard the Vengeful Spirit by the members of his Mournival where he was put into the Medicae Deck to be examined by the Legion's Apothecaries (notably Apothercary Vaddon). Vaddon later explained that Horus's Larraman Cells were not functioning, causing Horus's shoulder wound not to clot, therefore causing Horus to keep losing blood. Vaddon later told Garviel Loken that there could be way of saving Horus if he could examine the weapon which wounded Horus. So Garviel Loken, Tarik Torgaddon, Nero Vipus and the members of Locasta Squad went down to the surface of Davin's moon to search for the Anathame. After the Anathame was found and after Horus was cured by the healers of Davin's Moon, the Anathame was mysteriously taken away from Apothecary Vaddon by Fabius Bile, who was said to have the Warmaster's Seal, which enabled him unlimited access to anything. Bile delivered the weapon to his primarch Fulgrim. The ultimate fate of the weapon after the Battle of Terra, during which Fulgrim was slain, remains unknown.

Abilites and Appearance :Edit

The guard of the weapon tends to be golden in colour, with a leering face of a demon just above the handle. The ricasso of the weapon has spikes protruding from the sides as well as outward from the blade, and the blade itself is blue with red, tormented faces writhing across its surface. It is unknown if these faces belong to daemons or the souls of those the blade has killed over the millennia.

The mighty daemon weapon draws its prodigious power from the bound essence of a writhing warp entity that can rend reality apart.

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