Vital statistics
Callsign 'PsychicKey'
Gender female
Race Gardevoir
Physical Age 39
Alignment Lawful Good
Faction Hellcat Squadran (Unofficially)
Tools none
Abilities Psychic Powers
Vehicles none
Status alive, recovered

"You haven't changed a bit: still hot heated and headstrong." Amarra's response to Fast Saber being in over his head.


Early LifeEdit

Amarra and Allos were the best of friends back when they were both Ralts. However, because of serious genetic mutations, Allos was booted from the group. However, Amarra ran of to find him days later and never retuned.

Hellcat SquadranEdit

Reunion with AllosEdit

25 years later, Allos, or as he was now called, Fast Saber, was on a mission to track down a brute called Regors. However, when he found the brute, Regors threatened to kill a captured Gardevoir, who, with the help of his minor psychic powers, Fast Saber found out was Amarra. His friend being threatened, he showed the brute the reason why they call him Fast Saber. However, the brute fired a Carbine shot that ricocheted off a wall and hit Amarra, enraging Allos.

Treklan WarEdit

She spent several months of the Treklan War in the Kaven Base Med-Labs, recovering for the most part before the Battle of Kaven Island, and completely just before Derek Sanders and Sarah Harper's Clone get to the base. Like IceBite and Adriana, she knew something was wrong about the Sarah Harper clone, but having not met the original, didn't know what it was.

Post-Treklan WarEdit

Afterwards, she joined Fast Saber on the battlefield, proving that her time on her own payed off.

Made of StoneEdit

In 2160, she was still around working with Hellcat Squadran. When it was theorized that she was Kcaz's next target, she was sent to the Coalition's Pluto Research Facility, much to the chargin of Allos.