Amalia Diranin
TOUCH 201-SC44 0044
Amalia, post-hybridization
Vital statistics
Title Hybrid-2-49
Gender Female
Race Phase 2 Scrin-Human Hybrid
Physical Age 15
Alignment Neutral Good
Faction Scrin Confederation
Abilities Psychic Powers (Inherited via Scrin DNA)
Status Alive

Amalia Diranin was a human child, orphaned by bandits on a devastated border colony, before being pretty much adopted by a Scrin Prodigy. She later became one of the first 50 participants in Phase 2 of Project Camelot.


Amalia Diranin was a human child living on the Coalition Border colony Alsina III, until the world was devastated by a Tiberium-encrusted meteor. She survived practically alone, until, when she was 12, she and a male colonist her age were rescued by the Scrin Confederation's 242nd Relief Force during a Nod attack on the demolished colony.

She was "adopted" (in a sense) by the team's leader, Prodigy-97-284 (whom she'd nickname "Minder"), and was also cared for by her original rescuer, Ravager-53-709 (whom she'd nickname "Itsy-Bitsy"). However, when she was 14, Nod attacked the Scrin base they were staying at by detonating a Tiberium Vein under the base. Amalia survived, with a minuscule and completely reversible case of Tiberium Poisoning. However, Halvdan was mutated by more severe Tiberium exposure, and Itsy-Bitsy, who'd knocked Amalia off of a Tiberium-forced fissure, was blown apart entirely. It was at this point that Minder, who'd begun to absorb the concept of human-like emotions because of his time with Amalia, had begun to feel more and more responsible for Amalia's safety.

A year later, Amalia discovered the Scrin's hybridization projects, and found that they were looking for volunteers to be hybridized. Amalia not only volunteered, but demanded she be one of the next subjects of the procedure, regardless of all warnings of what she'd feel or how things could fail. When it was clear that he could not dissuade her, Minder volunteered a sample of his own DNA to be the DNA that Amalia was hybridized with, and, after the procedure began its "wait and see" phase, he wouldn't leave her pod's side, once almost dying of Tiberium Deprivation (Scrin equivalent of starving to death).


Amalia is a quiet and determined individual, who harbors a deep resentment of the Brotherhood of Nod, for the problems they caused her when she was much younger. Because of this, she's rather vengeful when it comes to them, always ready to injure Nod whenever she sees the chance.

Amalia is also quite reckless, known to make rash decisions without thinking.


As with all Human-Scrin Hybrids, she gained properties derivative from the Scrin whose DNA was mixed with her's. Being that it was Minder who provided the DNA that Amalia as hybridized with, Amalia began to develop telepathy, a characteristic of Scrin Prodigies. Neither one is well-trained, however, and would require proper training to use effectively. Furthermore, she also was given a specialized bio-armor suit, designed to increase her defensive and offensive capabilities in combat, equipped with built-in proton beams and powerful Tiberium blades. She also is slated to be equipped with a miniaturized Blink Pack, that would allow her to teleport.

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