The Alpha Neo-Neural System Project, or ANS Project, is Hellcat Squadran's primary AI development project. There are currently 4 AI and one ex-AI produced by the project:

Development AIEdit

  • ANS-1-1 'Alphaunus' - First Prototype AI
    • Status: Stable
    • Form: Yanme'e
  • ANS-1-2 'Holly' - Prototype Anti-Rampancy AI
    • Status: Transformed into a Human
    • Form: Teenage Girl in Dress (Former Holographic Image), Human of same exact appearance as former Avatar
  • ANS-1-3 'Penelope' - First Successful Automatic-Stability AI
    • Status: Meta-Stable
    • Form: duplicate of Holly
  • ANS-1-4 'Messon' - First Exclusive Military-Strategist AI
    • Status: Stable
    • Form: Archadian Judge Bergan
  • ANS-1-5 'Mumantius' - Prototype MRCAI (Multi-Role Combat Artificial Intelligence)
    • Status: Meta-Stable
    • Form: Thri-Kreen


  • While called 'AI's, the ANSs would more accurately be called 'SI's in terms of program intelligence.

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