Almut Hahn
A snapshot of Almut
Vital statistics
Title Jedi Master
Callsign STA-05
Gender Female
Race Human
Physical Age 32
Alignment Neutral Good
Faction N/A
Tools Lightsaber
Abilities Force Powers
Vehicles None
Status Alive

"No matter who you are, believing your suffering is worse than someone else's, is wrong."

Almut is a young Jedi Master and a very capable Force user. She has become rather famous for her great skill in sword play, said to actually have surpassed the infamous and undisputed master of the trait Clara Renner though this has yet to be proven.

History: Edit

Almut was born in a relatively remote area of Europe, on planet Earth, however was very quickly discovered to be Force sensitive and as such she was taken in by the Jedi Order. Even as a youngling she already showed great interest in art and was seen as a very sensitive young girl. Her masters cherished that, as many Jedi in the last few years wanted to follow Clara Renners example and had become more volatile as a result, relying more on swinging their lightsaber over negotiating, but Almut seemed to bring back the old ways with the order.

She was chosen by a master at the unprecedented age of eight. She saw her immense talent in both the ways of the Force as well as the way of the blade and as such took her in. However even he underestimated her growth under his guidance. As by the age of fourteen, she had mastered six out of the seven forms of lightsaber combat, and could go up against, the weaker Jedi Masters in terms of her Force powers.

While many of her contemporary students were envious of her capabilites and spread rumours regarding her, mostly linking her to the Dark Side of the Force, those were however ultimately proven to be false, and the other students were reproached for their envy and spite. Almut took the whole affair with humour though, or at least pretending to, hiding her hurt deep inside, like she had always done ever since she was a small child.

The next few years passed relatively uneventful, with Almut rising to the rank of Jedi Knight and being entrusted with missions of her own. During this time, following the aftermath of the conflict between the Court Guard Squads and Aizen's army, she founded her own private initiative to help the billions of refugees who had fled their planets, with nothing but their children with them.

Realising these people needed her help desperately, Almut did all she could to help them set up new lives, make sure they were clothed and fed. This was extremely difficult in the beginning as no one really wanted such a huge amount of refugees anywhere and she ran into a lot of hate and anger, some of it going so far as to actually threaten or attempt to bodily harm her.

But after some time passed and the situation became more stable, hostilities began to dissuade and Almut could finally take care of all of her refugees. She did not care which species, if Hybrid or not, to her they were all people and all of them required her aid, as such large parts of the Hybrid community see her as a reasonable, gentle and kind person, and she enjoy a great amount of trust from them.

Following her return to the Jedi Temple, she was granted the title of Jedi Master due to her tremendous influence of helping people and the great amount of respect she had started to gain from people. Yet her name and face actually remained relatively unknown, due to other more powerful people remaining in the spotlight, a fact she secretly prefers anyway, due to her not enjoying the spotlight what so ever.

Personality: Edit

Almut is incredibly complex a person, and very capable of masking her true emotions. She will usually always appear cheerful and happy, while inside she is cringing. She does this so no one would think of her as weak, while fully understanding that what she is doing isn't helping this, she knows this is an automatic defense set up by the mind, to push all dangerous psychic elements into the subconscious so they do not affect her day to day live.

Another important aspect is, that Almut does not vent her anger. She bottles it up inside her and instead of exploding at some point it causes her to depress more and more. While many actually think her never ever exploding in rage, no matter what is a sign of great constraint and control. It actually just serves to hid a far darker side of her psyche.

It is also known, that she can't listen too long to Black Metal or most other forms of Metal for that matter. Nut because she dislikes the music, she actually enjoys the music very much. However she is easy to be affected by the text, which often describe the world as a hellish place and some even go so far as to suggesting suicide as a viable method of escape. As such things cause her to go down very dark places in her mind and even contemplate suicide. As such she has moved towards Hardcore Punk, which she views as more creative than most forms of Metal and as such can listen to them forever.

Equally important is that, Almut suffers from a massive helperscomplex. She cannot bear to see someone suffer whom she could help. She'll often put herself on the line for other people, working without a break for days, always almost to the border of burnout, then uses a minimal recovery period to do it all over again, and no matter who tries to tell her otherwise, she simply cannot let go and delegate helping to someone else.

It should also be noticed she has an incredibly preference for the colour black, wearing it almost exclusively. Even having dyed her hair that colour ever since she was twelve. Interestingly enough she has always hated the colour pink, feeling nothing but disgust for it.

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