Fast Saber (2nd in Command) (Super-weapons General)
Fast Saber without armor in combat stance.
Vital statistics
Title Hellcat Squadran 2nd in Command, (nickname/common name) 'Fast Saber'
Callsign Saber
Gender male
Race Gallade
Physical Age 40
Alignment Neutral Good
Faction Hellcat Squadran
Tools Arm-Blade
Abilities A wide collection of Pokemon moves, Pokemon Ability Steadfast
Vehicles none
Status Alive

"No more pain, no more suffering. I will end it all, just you wait."

"Just like I remember you, a little too couragous for your own good."

-Allos, in over his head, to Amarra, and the latter's response

Fast Saber is IceBite's 2nd in command and a member of the Pokemon species Gallade. He also usually plays poker with Derek and Avery. However, the 2 get irritated because Fast Saber always wins. He also has a good knowledge of Tory's work and powers.

He is also in charge of Hellcat Squadran' WMD stockpile.


Fast Saber is hot-headed and headstrong, usually keeping to whatever plan he has, unless only the most drastic of changes occurs to require a switch in tactics. His hot-heatedness can get the better of him, and has occasionally sparked fights between him and his teammates.

However, he is also very honorable in battle, as, like most Gallade, he follows the code of Chivalry. He is extremely intelligent, and, because of a variety of mutations, he can use Pokemon moves no other Gallade can use, and, when surprised, he'll work even faster, as caused by his Pokemon Special Ability.

He spends a majority of his time with Amarra, his closest friend. When it was supposed that she was Kcaz's next target in 2160, he was more than pissed off when Spencer sent her to a Pluto research station. He calmed down when he was finally made to understand it was only temporary and for her own protection.