Allison Kyle
Allison during a mission in her usual attire
Vital statistics
Title /
Callsign Black Widow-1
Gender Female
Race Human
Physical Age 26 ( physically)
Alignment Lawful Good
Faction Hellcat Squadran
Tools Abilites, looks
Abilities Biotics

Light Element

Vehicles /
Status Alive

Allison Kyle, is an accomplished thief and assassin. She often uses her looks as a means of seduction, on both females and males, to get information out of people, or to allow her to assassinate them. Yet she never goes as far as to actually sleep with the men or women she seduces, only kissing them at the most. Some members of HCS foremost members of TFB refer to this as "The dying kiss".It is known that her bisexuality is caused by a bipolar disorder,which seems to only surface here and there and needs no medication.

Pre-HCS Life:Edit

Allison was born on Earth in 2158, daughter of a rich marriage but was often displeased, that her parents seemed more interested in pleasing her with gifts and money, than with actuall affection. Her patience finally broke when she was 18 and her parents wanted her to marry the son, of some other rich couple. Firstly she didn't even know this man, secondly at the time she was more interested in girls. So she ran away, with her girlfriend at the time, along with quite an amount of money. They travelled first to Japan, to learn Ninjitsu, followed by Judo, Karate and Jijojitsu. Later they left Earth and travelled the galaxy, during an adventure, Allison's girlfriend was killed, and out of grief she decieded to hunt down the killer, it took long as he was a notorious crime-lord. During this she showed for the first time in years interest in males, and managed to kill the crime-lord. It was then that members of HCS, found her and wanted to recruit her as an assassin. She begurdingly complied and began her training as an assassin. Since then she has become of the most trusted tools of the Squadran.


Besides her mastery of martial arts and looks, she is a powerful biotic and has control over the light element, which she only uses to move faster than her opponents in battle.

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