Alice Gehabich
Alice Gehabich
Alice, around the time she was transported to Kaven Base
Vital statistics
Gender female
Race Human
Physical Age unknown
Alignment Lawful Good
Faction None
Abilities Ascent Mode, good strategic skills
Status Alive

Alice Gehabich is a young woman from a world just outside the Milky Way Galaxy. This world seems to be an alternate version of Earth, and is one of the worlds visited by Natalia during her journeys. Alice was among the individuals who originally helped Natalia fight a rogue creature caled 'Vladitor'. She, and her whole world, were swallowed by a Rift Storm, being transported 25 years into the future. However, rather than being carried with the rest of her world, she was deposited, rather roughly, outside Kaven Base. She later left, to join Natalia, Jooranok, and Starscream-3 on their journey, becoming another of Natalia's travelling companions. Her battle partner is Alpha Hydranoid.

She has a gender-swapped separate personality known as Masquerade, whose greater power caused him to be classified by Hellcat Squadran as Alice's 'Ascent Mode'.


She can be quite gullible due to her being over trusting of others. Alice is a natural beauty, but she is not as concerned about her appearance as one of her friends is.

Alice is very polite, often doing errands for others, and rarely chooses to bother others with her problems unless they ask her or it is of the upmost importance to the task at hand for them.

She is afraid of losing, which sometimes makes her feel useless. Instead, Alice just gives advice and strategy. She is pretty good with strategy and knows what to use at a certain time in battle. While some find this to be a nuisance, her advice has actually helped others a great deal. Although she participates now (with the aid of her Bakugan Alpha Hydranoid), she still struggles with her past history and in some cases, these feelings somehow contributed to her losing in battle.

Alice is seen as one of the most mature of the group she was a part of when Natalia met her. She hates causing trouble for her friends, and also dislikes it when Dan and Runo (2 members of the previously-mentioned group) fight, because she wants the group to stay together. She can "read" the others' emotions quite easily. She's so good at this, in fact, one time, Natalia commented that she was surprised Alice wasn't a telepath.


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