Alexis Kiron
Alexis Kiron
Vital statistics
Title Ghost Squad Saint Sniper
Callsign Genesis
Gender Female
Race Human
Physical Age 22
Alignment Chaotic Good
Faction Hellcat Squadran
Tools Ghost Commando Armor 2xM1911
Vehicles F-69 Kakashi
Status Alive

Ghost Squad Saint's sniper, Alexis rivals both Lexus Richardson and Valarian Taymor in skill.


Born in Moscow in 2081, Alexis, like Matthew, was born to a rich gang lord. She grew up pampered with many people waiting on her. During a Shadow Alliance attack on her town in the late 80's, her father and his criminal empire were destroyed. In 2098, she joined the Spetsnaz. After two years with them, she was a highly noted soldier in the Russian Armed Forces. Later that year when the Ghost Commandos were formed, her superiors recommended her and 99 other elite Spetsnaz soldiers for the program. 78 were accepted, including her. She was assigned too Ghost Sqaud Saint and was assigned as their sniper.


Matthew Rolle: When she was assigned to the Saints, she and Matt became unusually close, partially because of their similar backgrounds, and partially because the playboy side of Matt and the pampered side of Alexis melded perfectly.

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